About us

Our organisation

The Hidden Science Academy is an education provider that delivers courses, events, lectures, webinars, weekenders and getaways for its members to enjoy and learn from. Learning should be fun and here at the Academy you’ll find the most powerful information delivered in a fun-filled, entertaining, jaw-dropping way.

Our mission

The Academy was formed in 2018 with the aim of teaching science and health in a more simplified way to the wider community. It started with a course entitled: The Hidden Science of Black Holistic Health. This course became hugely successful and very popular in London. Due to the success of this course it spawned a wide variety of events all over London; which were so popular and well attended that people had to be turned away on the door if they never had a ticket.

The Academy has continued to grow organically over the years and is now an online members-only hub of knowledge and guidance for those who want to learn about health and science from a radically new perspective. The Black Holistic Health course is now an e-learning course which VIP members can access for free. Click HERE to learn more about the Black Holistic Health course.