Here at The Hidden Science Academy we pride ourselves at ensuring you receive the most powerful information from some of the best speakers in the UK. Our events always have a wide variety of speakers with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Below are just some of the presenters you may see on a regular basis at our events.

Leon Marshall

Leon Marshall is a University Lecturer and the co-founder of The Hidden Science Academy. He has expertise in Holistic Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Biochemistry. His sold-out Hidden Science Events have struck a chord with the community due to the way he breaks down Science, Knowledge of Self, Health & Nutrition with simplicity.

Andrew Muhammad

The Investigator is one of the United Kingdom’s leading Black History and Culture Specialists. His lively energetic presentations are designed to bring forth history and culture to the spectator allowing for a more enriched awareness of the universal contributions and achievements of a culturally diverse society.

Leah Salmon

Leah’s a home educating mother of 6 & 1 angel, wife to 1, bestselling author, speaker, nutritionist, life coach & live blood analyst, on a mission to help 100K black women to eat for health, think for happiness & live in harmony by Dec 2020, which she calls Becoming Naturally You, especially with their menstrual, womb & pregnancy health & premature birth prevention.

Robin Walker

Robin Walker is the leading Black History Educational Specialist aka The Black History Man. He is a Teacher & Writer on all matters related to Ancient & Medieval African History. In 2006, he wrote the seminal When We Ruled. It is the most advanced synthesis on Ancient and Mediaeval African history ever written by a single author. Since then he wrote When We Ruled Study Guide, Blacks and Science Volumes I, II and III, Blacks and Religion Volumes I and II, The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street, The Black Musical Tradition and 19 Lessons in Black History. He also wrote three books in collaboration with others: Everyday Life in an Early West African Empire, African Mathematics, and Black British History.

Davis Williams

Davis J Williams is a Content Creator, Raw Food (plant based) Vegan Chef and Award Winning Author. He is one of the founders of The Manhood Academy for Boys where he takes young boys aged 8-12 years old through a rites of passage into Manhood. After many years working in education, in youth care homes, in prisons and on the streets with gangs, Davis wanted to provide an alternate model of positive masculinity, steering boys onto a path of empowerment, leadership and responsibility.