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Join us on the coach to the event of the year! The coach leaves London Victoria at 8:30am!

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Date & Time:

4th September 2021 @ 8:30am to 9pm


London Victoria to Legacy Centre Birmingham & Return

Tickets from £30

One Ticket = One Adult Only

Speakers Line Up

Our speaker line up is the who’s who of black hair, black health and black social sciences in the UK

Natasha Briscoe

Arise and Shine Cosmetics Founder

Leon Marshall

The Scientist and The Hidden Science Academy Co-Founder

Leah Salmon

The Naturally You Coach, Author, Speaker and Nutritionist

Kameese Davis

Founder of Nylah’s Natural’s, As Seen On Dragon’s Den

Klerissa Mcdonald

Founder of Curly By Nature, Certified in Advance Natural Hair Care

Andrew Muhammad

The Investigator

Salem Baxter

Root 2 Tip Founder

Ovi King

Founder of Hair Care Revolution

Topics Explore On The Day

Has your hair suffered during the lockdown? Come and celebrate your new hairstyle freedom at the Legacy Centre of Excellence. Come and show off your twist outs, puffs, braids, Afro’s, brightly coloured head wraps and locs. This is your opportunity to let your hair down…literally.

According to a recent BBC report, nearly 80% of hair products aimed at black people contain chemicals linked to cancer, infertility and obesity? Why is this? And where can you go to find Black-Owned Haircare providers who pride  themselves on selling Natural, Holistic Haircare products to their customers?

Look no further! You are officially invited to the UK’s Number 1 Black Haircare Science Showcase. This will be the most informative Black Hair event of 2021. 

Leah Salmon

Leah will be the master of ceremonies on the day and she will share her very own hairstory which will inspire young children to value their own hair.

Natasha Briscoe

Natasha will be speaking about how your diet affects your hair. She will share her expertise on Food and Nutrition for Black Hair, including what to eat for hair growth, what to eat for grey hair and what to avoid eating.

Kameese Davis

Kameese, who recently appeared on Dragon's Den, will be exploring the science behind hair loss, why black women experience hair loss at higher rates, and what black women can do to ensure their hair stays growing healthily.

Salem Baxter

Salem will speak about all the cancer causing chemicals and EDC's (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals) that are found in Black Hair Care products. She will be pointing out what ingredients you should look out for on the back of these products are harmful and should be avoided.

Andrew Muhammad

Andrew will be taking us all the way back to our roots. He will show the true history of Black Hair dating all the way back to Ancient Kemet. This is the history we've never been told before. Don't miss out!

Klerissa Mcdonald

Klerissa will be speaking about how to wash and manage your hair, the best hairstyles to use to maintain the natural health of your hair and she will touch on how to reverse scalp conditions.

Leon Marshall

Leon will be speaking about the electromagnetic properties of melanin in Black Hair. He will touch on its antenna-like capabilities and how the coils attributed to Black Hair relate to electricity.

Ovi King

Ovi will be giving us a brief history of the Black Hair care business in the UK. He will touch on whats happened in the past and how we as Black people can take back control over an industry worth over £88 million here in the UK; and worth billions more in the US.

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