Leon Marshall – Full Presentation – The Hidden Science of Black Women’s Health 2020

According to recent reports, Black Women in the UK are 5x more likely to die from complications surrounding pregnancy and childbirth than white women (BBC News – April 2019). This is a shocking statistic that not too many people are aware of. Even if you are aware of this, the obvious question you should then ask yourself is “Why?”

Why is it that in the UK depression and anxiety are most prevalent among Black Women?

Why are Black African women 7x more likely to be compulsory detained under the Mental Health Act in hospitals in England and Wales?

Why is it that strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and other health conditions are more common among Black Women?

Why do Black Women experience menopause earlier than other groups?

And why does the overwhelming evidence suggest that Black Women are more likely than other groups to undergo hysterectomies and ovariectomies due to health complications whilst in hospital?

These are serious questions that require urgent explanation and action. If you are interested in learning about Black Women’s Health from a science perspective this lecture is for you!


Topics covered include:

✅ Hormonal Imbalances

✅ Oestrogen Dominance

✅ Fibroids

✅ Contraception

✅ Stem Cells and Henrietta Lacks

✅ Inflammation

✅ Mental and Emotional Health


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